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Will Smith Net Worth 2024 – New Movie, Son, Wife, Movies

Will Smith Net Worth

Have you ever wondered after coming to know the answer what the net worth of Will Smith is? You don’t know about the fortune of this super actor. Will Smith is the highest-paid acting, raping and producing star who has worked in Holywood movies for many years. He was also the producer of some popular films as well as the awarded rapper of studio albums. No doubt, he performed excellent performance in all of the above fields and was finally a nominee for Oscar Awards. As of Jan 2024, Will Smith net worth is $350 million so here are the details of how he built his fortune.

Beginner Life

The Fresh Prince or Willard Carrol Smith II was born on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia a city in Pennsylvania, US. His father Willard Carrol Smith Sr. was a refrigerator engineer and also a veteran of the US Air Force. His mother Caroline was an educated person who had completed her graduation from Carnegie Mellon University.

Smith has 1 sister Pamella and 2 younger brothers, Ellen and Harry. They grew up in the area of Wynnefield which is located in the west of Pennsylvania. From the start, Smith attended Overbrook High School and completed his higher school qualification. His parents got separated when he was 13 years old and finally, they came to a divorce in 2000.

Smith started rapping when he was just 12 and his grandmother gave him motivation after finding his lyrics book. So he started rapping music when he was a teen and tried to follow his grandmother’s words that she wrote in his lyrics book.

Smith as Rapper

He started his career as a master of ceremony rappers in 1985. He met by chance with Jeffery Townes and later they became friends. Both lived in the same area where Smith found him performing at a party at home. Finally, after a long hard work, they released a studio album Rock The House on April 7, 1987. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Smith have received excellent feedback so they moved to the next release.

On February 17, 1988, they finally released their 2nd studio album Parents Just Don’t Understand. Similarly, they have performed well and got tremendous sales as well as feedback. They motivated again and released the Summertime song on May 20, 1991. They earned the Best Rap Performance award in 1989 and 2x Grammy awards in 1989 and 1991. Smith earned a lot that increased assets as well as Will Smith net worth.

After a beginner success, the IRS assessed a $2.8 million tax debt against Smith. After some financial issues, Smith wanted to grow more wealth and signed a contract with NBC. He started performing in the sitcom show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as an actor. He released another solo album Big Willie Style on November 25, 1997, and was ranked in the top 10 albums in 1998.

Smith As Actor

He started his career by working in the comedy-drama Six Degrees of Separation in 1993. After 2 years, Smith started working in the action and comedy film Bad Boys which was released in 1995. The film has done successfully with $141 million in business. In 1996, Smith appeared in the science fiction film Independence Day. This was the highest-grossing thrilling movie which adds millions to Will Smith net worth.

He starred in another science fiction comedy film Men in Black in 1997. This film has generated $589 million and they spent just $90 million. The next release was The Enemy of State which was another political action and thrilling film. His next release was Big Willie Style which was published by Columbia Records in later 1997.

Will Smith's Net Worth
Source: Insider

However, he performed an excellent performance in each film. Despite receiving multiple critical feedback he did not lose heart. Bad Boy II was released in 2002 It is a cop-action comedy film that has done massive commercial sales and grown to $270 million all around the world. You will wonder after knowing the growth of Hancock which has generated $624,386,746 from the US and Canada. This has had a big impact on Will Smith net worth, especially after 2008.

Smith and Awards

In March 2022, Smith slapped the face of Chris Rock who made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinket Smith. Rock said some joke about her shaved head and Smith came from his chair and yelled in Rock’s face. After this, Smith was banned from entering the Oscar Awards ceremony. Later Smith felt ashamed and he apologized on his official social media account. This has made a rapid fame as well as Will Smith net worth.

However, he received Academy Award for Best Actor which he performed in the sports drama film King Richard in 2021. This drama also came with more rewards for Smith such as BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2005, Smith received 2 more awards including Tony Award for Best Musical and Honorary Cesar Award.

Will Smith Net Worth 2024

From zero to hero, Smith started his journey in very crucial times along with a financial crisis. But he appeared as a hero, especially in acting and rapping. If we talk about his business, Smith and his brother Harry have a registered company Trey Smith in Los Angeles. He moved his family to California in 2018. His film Aladdin which was released in 2019 has earned $1 billion.

He celebrates his 50th birthday and he performs a bungee jump from a helicopter to show people his celebrations. Lloyd ensured this jump with $200 million that was raised for charity. Last, he worked in almost 48 movies till 2022. These films have raised millions of dollars for Will Smith net worth. He also signed a contract for up next movie Will Smith Emancipation which will be released in 2023. As of Jan 2024, Will Smith net worth is now more than $350 million.

Key Notes

  1. Perform in Multiple Streams: Before starting acting, Smith was not a popular person nor he was an entrepreneur but after performing in multiple streams, he achieved all his goals. He earned millions, achieved a lot of popularity and is now an entrepreneur.
  2. Don’t Stop Hard Work: After a strike came towards Smith, he was very disappointed in some way but he never lost his heart. He motivated again like Jim Carry, especially after releasing those movies that have not performed well commercially.
  3. Build Yourself as a Brand: Smith is not a brand so all companies and people want to have selfies, photographs or an interview with him. He builds his fortune by doing extra hard work and he faces a lot of difficulties during this journey.

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