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Lil Durk Net Worth 2024 – Lawyer, Age, Height, Kids

Lil Durk Banks Wealth

Durk Derrick Banks is a famous rapper born on October 19, 1992, in Illinois, Chicago. He is one of the most popular singers covering the trill and hip-hop genres. So you will wonder after knowing how Lil Durk net worth is $4 billion now? No doubt, he builds his reputation with outclass performance that grows his wealth towards a billionaire. Durk released multiple albums for different studios so he earned a lot of wealth and had a rapid impact on Lil Durk net worth. As of Jan 2024, Lil Durk net worth is up to $8 million as this article was published.

Early Life

He was born in the area of Eaglewood which is south of Chicago. When he was 7 months old, his father was jailed so his family didn’t have enough food during his childhood. He faced multiple economic crises but he grew up and started his career on YouTube and Myspace. Banks choose himself as a rapper and attract more listeners through social media platforms.

He was a father when he was just seventeen years old. Banks was a member of Black Disciples which is a street gangster group located in Illinois, Chicago. After joining this group, he was charged with having arms multiple times. He was involved in defacing arms but later he felt guilty to reduce the charge by the court.

Professional Career

Lik Durk is the founder of OTF (Only The Family) rapper group since 2010. After releasing 2 music singles, he focused on his rapping career. He got a positive response from people after releasing I’ma Hitta and Sneak Dissin. After these 2 successful singles, Durk released a third mixtape named Life Ain’t No Joke on October 19, 2012.

According to DatPiff stats, his mixtape was downloaded 216,000 times till September 22, 2015. It was a massive success for him which gave him more potential, passion and excitement. The next release was L’s Anthem which was remixed and featured for French Montana.

Lil Durk Net Worth 2023

Banks released different mixtapes that had a massive impact on his reputation and wealth as well. Even though he was criticized by some people he still didn’t lose hope and continued to succeed. These are his key releases that make Lil Durk a billionaire. As of Jan 2024, Lil Durk net worth is $8 million.

Lil Durk Net Worth

Signed to the Streets 1, 2, 3

DJ Drama hosted a mixtape of Banks that was released on October 10, 2013, by artist Lil Durk Banks. He said in an interview with MTV, I stepped it up more than the previous mixtape so it’s a more attractive release. After a few weeks, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Signed to the Streets as the 8th number out of 10. Some media authors have listed this mixtape as the best mixtape yet in magazines. The mixtape has 15 total tracks with a total duration of 51 minutes and 19 seconds. No doubt, he continuously improves his rapping and singing abilities from time to time.

The 2nd version of this mixtape was released on July 7, 2014, with the name Signed to the Streets 2. It covers hip-hop genres with a collection of 18 song tracks. The total duration of this mixtape album is 64 minutes and 21 seconds. As of September 22, 2015, the album was downloaded 518,000 times from DatPiff. This was another achievement of Banks and he ensured to improve his rapping, writing and singing skills. The 3rd version with the title Signed to the Streets 3 was released on November 9, 2018. The first week’s sales are 1,917 and the total sales are 26,741. It has 21 tracks with a total duration of 1:14:42.

Remember My Name

After almost 11 months, Lil Durk released another album titled Remember My Name on June 2, 2015. This album was released by Def Jam and OTF. However, this mixtape album has received mixed reviews from the audience including positive and negative feedback. The studio album cover includes the face of Lil Durk Banks who puts his fingers of both hands into his eyes and sides. The mixtape received 61 ratings out of 100 according to a Metacritic source.

The album has a total of 10 tracks with 2 additional tracks in the Deluxe version. If we talk about the total album duration containing 12 tracks then it is 41 minutes and 11 seconds. As of June 2016, the album has sold 48,000 copies in the US but the first week’s sales have been 24,000. This is another achievement that adds a lot of money to Lil Durk net worth.

Lil Durk 2X

On July 12, 2016, his next album was released with the title Lil Durk 2X. It was presented by OTF and Def Jam Recordings. The genres include hip-hop, drill and trap with a total album length of 45 min and 16 sec. There are 11 tracks in the main album with additional 3 tracks in the Deluxe edition. Both general and deluxe edition album covers are separated from each other. The total unit sale was 12,259 including a total sale of 7,745 physical copies.

The Voice

This is a hip-hop genre-based album that was 6th in a serial order. It was released on December 24, 2020, with 16 tracks in the general album. The deluxe version has 12 additional tracks so the total duration of 28 tracks is 38 mins and 38 secs. The performance is excellent selling 23,000 copies in 1 day of the first week. These 66,000 units have been sold in the 2nd week of release. Till March 4, 2021, the album sold 500,000 copies which gains a big profit to Lil Durk net worth.

Just Cause Y’all Waited 2

This album has 15 tracks with 7 additional tracks in the Deluxe edition. The total length of the album is 52 mins and 12 secs. It was ranked the 5th number out of 200 on the US Billboard 200 chart. In December 2020, RIAA certified this album as gold with a combined sale of 500,000 copies in the US.


It was the 7th release of Lil Durk including 17 big tracks in the general album. The deluxe edition has 13 tracks and the reloaded version has 1 additional track. The total duration of 31 tracks is 80 minutes and 47 seconds. The labelers are Sony Music, OTF and Alamo with some critical reviews from the audience. The overall performance was great and it was No.1 on the US Billboard 200 chart during the first week of release. 120,500 album units have been sold in the first week. The album was streamed more than 164 million times.

Key Notes

  1. Ignore Criticism: Durk always receives negative feedback from listeners but he tries to ignore them and wants to improve his rapping and writing. He performed very well in the next album releases and sold millions of copies which was a big amount to Lil Durk net worth.
  2. Keep Focus on one thing: Lil Durk is a famous singer who only keeps him in this field. He was not involved in any other multiple income generation methods like LeBron James and Mike Tyson. So it is possible to be a billionaire by adopting just one field in life.
  3. Bad days: He was charged with having illegal weapons in his car. He feels guilty for his actions even though he faces court charges. But he tried to forget these moments as these are the parts of life.

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