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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2024 – Fight, Record, Height

Floyd Mayweather net worth sources

Have you ever searched for Floyd Mayweather net worth? No doubt, he is the greatest boxer and trainer. He was awarded the 15 biggest world championships and remained undefeated till his retirement. His career was between 1996 to 2017 with great achievements. Currently, he is running The Monday Team Racing (TMT Racing) in the NASCAR Cup Series. As of Jan 2024, Floyd Mayweather net worth is $450 million and he earned the most in boxing. One of his biggest fights with Conor Mcgator in 2017 has generated $550 million as a match and his earnings are $275 million as a promoter.

Beginner Life

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. was born in a boxer family in Michigan on February 24, 1977. His father Floyd Mayweather Sr. was one of the biggest boxers who fought with his competitor Sugar Ray Leonard who was a Hall of Famer. Both of his uncles are boxing stars including Roger and Jeff. Floyd has 3 coaches in his home who have taught him and he became an undefeated boxing star.

His second name belonged to his mother who was addicted to drugs. His grandfather belonged to Jamaica. Floyd attended his early education at Ottawa Hills High School. During the 80s, he was living with his mother in New Jersey where they didn’t have even electricity. He said we have one bedroom for seven family members. His father brought him to the gym and trained him for boxing when he was young.

His father has seen the potential of boxing with him and he never took him to parties, movies or ice cream. The father wants to raise his son as a boxer that’s why he trained him hard in the gym. The father never let his son go for drugs or other things. He always motivated his son for the gym and boxing when he was young.

Boxing Career

Floyd was taught by both his uncles and father so he learned defensive techniques. He played 92 matches winning 84 and losing just 8 matches. He used his shoulder roll which is an old-school boxing term but it was effective for him. He also used an orthodox stance and blocked punches from hitting the chin. So in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, he won a bronze medal by reaching in semi-finals.

Floyd Mayweather has played in different weight championships including lightweight, light middleweight, welterweight and super featherweight. He won the U.S. National Championship and U.S. Golden Gloves 3 times. He is famous as the greatest defensive boxer in the history of boxing combats. Floyd won most of the boxing combats by a TKO or knockout.

His fights with Diego Corrales and Genaro Hern√°ndez are one of the best fights ever. Both are the best boxing players and also the former champions of WBC super featherweight. Floyd used his punches toward their chin and cheeks. Overall he played 50 matches, he won 23 by decision and 27 by knockout. He played his last match against Conor McGregor on 26 August 2017, when Floyd was above 40 and he won by TKO.

On February 17, 2008, gives an unexpected entry in a No Way Out session of WWE. It was a Pay-Per-View-based event that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The match was between Big Show and Rey Mysterio where Floyd Mayweather jump and start beating Big Show to assist Rey. As a result, the nose of Big Show was broken due to hardly being beaten by both opponents. Big Show has offered a challenge for Floyd to fight in a No Disqualification match under Wrestlemania 24.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Finally, Mayweather accepted the offer and at Wrestlemania XXIV, he beat Big Show with the help of brass knuckles. The event has received almost $24 million of revenue by receiving 1 million PPV buys. He earned $20 million from this match which rapidly increased Floyd Mayweather net worth.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2024

The wealth he generated with most from boxing but he used multiple ways to be an entrepreneur. He competes with Big Show in Wrestlemania 24 with a pay-per-view match. He won and he got paid $22 million from this match only. This revenue has a big impact on Floyd Mayweather net worth.

Also he $275 million by facing a match with Conor Mcgator who was a former champion. Floyd worked as an actor too and he appeared in 5 top-class movies including Moth Then Famous, Think Like a Man Too, All-Star Weekend and more.

He almost won 48 awards and honors from different magazines, news agencies and other networks. However, all of his pay-per-view events have generated millions of US dollars for him so it increased Floyd Mayweather net worth tremendously. If we take a look at the top 5 matches so they look like this:

Floyd Mayweather VsDateViews (PPC)TVRevenue
PacquiaoMay 2, 20154,600,000HBO$400,000,000
McGregorAugust 26, 20174,300,000Showtime$370,000,000
Canelo14 September 20132,200,000Showtime$150,000,000
De La HoyaMay 5, 20072,400,000HBO$136,000,000
CottonMay 5, 20121,500,000HBO$94,000,000

Only these 5 matches have generated a revenue of billions of US dollars. After his consecutive victories like Mike Tyson, his wealth increased day by day. As of Jan 2024, Floyd Mayweather net worth is $450 million according to the latest reports of Forbes, IMDb and Wikipedia.

Key Notes

  1. Family Support: No doubt, he was born into a boxing family with professionals. So they taught him tremendous skills including punching, jumping, blocking and targeting the chin or cheeks making him undefeated.
  2. Hard Work: When he was a kid, his father brought him to the gym for training and boxing. He was not allowed to go anywhere to eat junk foods like pizza, ice cream or burgers. His father created a tough routine for him in his childhood that made him successful in life.
  3. Professional Coaches: Floyd has 3 coaches in his home who taught him boxing. So the combination of 3 professional coaches created an undefeated person who won 48 awards and honors worldwide. This has also increased rapid income into Floyd Mayweather net worth.

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