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Drake Net Worth 2024 – New Albums, Concert, Age, Son, Height

Drake Net Worth

Drake is a young rapper, singer, actor and businessman who has achieved victories in all fields of work. He is a dual national with citizenship from the United States and Canada. However, he slowly builds his entrepreneurship and shows the world as a big name in pop music. He has millions of followers on all platforms including Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, people will wonder after knowing the wealth of information of Drake. As of June 2023, Drake net worth is $250 million and he is still building the wealth.

Beginner Life

Drake with the full name Aubrey Drake Graham was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dennis Graham was his father who is an African-American person having a job as a drummer with Jerry Lee Lewis. Sandra Graham was his mother who belonged to teaching English subjects. When he was 5 years old, his father divorced his mother so he and his mother stayed in Toronto. The father moved from Canada to Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

The father was detained several times for having drugs in the United States when Drake was a child. A few years later, Graham started traveling to Toronto and bringing Drake to the U.S. every summer. Meanwhile, Drake and his mother changed their town from Weston to Forest Hill. He and his mother was struggling to fight against financial issues and they lived in a normal house that was not luxurious. Drake was interested in fine arts subjects and also he has a passion for both music and singing when he was a teenager. Finally, in 2012, Drake completed his graduation degree.

Drake as an Actor

He performed as an acting agent when he was just 15 in a drama serial series called Degrassi: The Next Generation. Meanwhile, Drake started earning from Canadian TV in his early career but at that time, Drake’s mother was seriously sick. However, he performed in almost 10 films and 19 television dramas as an actor.

Charlie Bartlett was the first film where he perform as Jones but he was awarded a very short role in 2007 and in last, he was the producer of Top Boy in 2019. He worked hard in the field of acting, was a producer of films and also performed voice roles in some films. As a result, he gains and earned millions of USD. This amount increased the total wealth of Drake net worth.

Drake as a Singer

Along with his acting, he is a superstar rapper and pop music singer. He started it in 2006 for the first time with Room for Improvement. Drake earned $304 after selling 6,000 copies in a short time. After a few months, Drake released another mixtape Comeback Season in September 2007. After these releases, Drake appeared as an upcoming music star and he was a favorite singer of thousands of people. Here is a table that covers official studio albums of Drake that makes him a millionaire.

Studio AlbumYearTracks
Thank Me Later201018
Take Care201020
Nothing Was The Same201316
Certified Lover Boy202121
Honestly, Nevermind202214

There are 7 mixtapes that have also ranked at the top of the rankings. Even though Drake was criticized by some singers and magazines but he work hard with a passion. The mixtapes have been released between 2006 and 2020. Here is a table to discuss mixtape details.

MixtapeYearTotal DurationTracks
Room for Improvement200665 mins & 36 secs23
Comeback Season200767 mins & 18 secs23
So Far Gone200970 mins & 35 secs18
If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late201568 mins & 38 secs19
What a Time to Be Alive201540 mins & 30 secs11
More Life201781 mins & 42 secs22
Dark Lane Demo Tapes202049 mins & 55 secs14
Source: Wikipedia

Drake as a Businessman

As an entrepreneur, Drake has started making endorsements with different popular companies to grow his wealth. Soon he was one of the highest-paid celebrities between 2016 to 2017. He has contracts with Sprite, Meek Mill, Nike, A Bathing Ape, Air Jordan, Whataburger, Burger King and more. These endorsements have aided millions of dollars into Drake net worth.

What is Drake Net Worth
Source: Forbes

Drake has over 10 million subscribers in a short time on Apple Music which is an official store of Apple Inc. He was one of the beginners who owned an Apple Watch from the company before it appeared in public. The company has a deal of $19 million with Drake in 2015.

Drake was a global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors which is a Canadian-based professional basketball team in Toronto. The team got consulting services from him to rebrand and redesign the team.

Drake was also a member of OVO (October’s Very Own) Studio. OVO is a record label studio based in Canada. Later time in 2012, Drake has its own studio created with the support of El Khatib and Shebib.

Drake Net Worth 2023

No doubt, Drake is an entrepreneur who has earned billions of USD from multiple resources. As of June 2023, Drake net worth is $260 million and he is still performing to build his fortune. Drake with Mike Tyson featured some clothes e.g. caps and jackets in July 2022. Mostly he earned from music so he started the business to generate more income as well.

He has some investments in different properties and stores. He purchased a gaming organization named 100 Thieves. He took a co-owner role with a net worth of $125 million. Drake was co-founder of another entrepreneur group DreamCrew which is a Canadian-based entertainment company. Although, Drake has signed with dozens of companies that are taking his services to expand their sales and grow their wealth. These endorsements or agreements are adding millions of USD to Drake net worth.

Final Notes

  1. Keep Struggling: Drake’s history shows he a tremendous example who struggled for the entirety of his life. He and his mother face a lot of financial crises but in the end, he is an entrepreneur and also earned billions of USDs with struggle and motivation.
  2. Use Multiple Ways: Drake has an intelligent brain so he continuously uses multiple ways to generate income to aid Drake net worth. So we can say that he is a businessman, a co-founder of companies, a partner of different groups, a famous singer and more.
  3. Never Gave Up: No doubt, he is still continuing the struggle and he is not giving up in any field of life. He feels good being an investor so he keeps investing in both residential and commercial properties. So do not feel tired on any occasion of your life.

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